We will meet on Thursday evenings, 6:30-9:00PM, in 3604 James Hall.

Our required texts include:
1) The American Class Structure in an Age of Growing Inequality, 8th edition, by Dennis Gilbert. Sage, 2011. [ISBN 9781412979658]
2) Ain't No Makin' It, 3rd edition, by Jay MacLeod. Westview, 2008. [ISBN 9780813343587]
3) Gentrification and Inequality in Brooklyn, by Judith DeSena. Lexington, 2009.
Additional readings will be assigned. Students should do the assigned readings in advance of the class meeting in which they will be discussed.

Week 1. Introduction to the Course

I. Class Structure in Contemporary Society

Week 2. Social Class in America, Prestige, Occupation
Read: Gilbert chs 1-3.

Week 3. Economic Inequality and Mobility
Read: Gilbert chs 4, 6, 7.

Week 4. Social Capital, Elites, and Class Consciousness
Read: Gilbert chs 5, 8, 9.

Week 5. Poverty and Growing Inequality
Read: Gilbert chs 10, 11.

Term paper proposal. Due TH 10/10.

II. Reproduction of Class

Week 6. The Reproduction of Class, part I
Read: MacLeod pp 3-83.

Week 7. The Reproduction of Class, part II
Read: MacLeod pp 84-156. Group Exercise.

Week 8. The Reproduction of Class, part III
Read: MacLeod pp 157-240. Group Exercise.

Week 9. The Reproduction of Class, part IV
Read: MacLeod pp 241-349.

Week 10. The Reproduction of Class, part V
Read: MacLeod pp 350-464.

III. Gentrification in Brooklyn

Week 11. Gentrification, part I
Read: DeSena pp 1-44.

Week 12. Gentrification, part II
Read: DeSena pp 45-88.

Week 13. Gentrification, part III
Read: The World in Brooklyn, chapters 5, 6, 15.

IV. Presentations

@ Week 14. Term Paper Discussions, part I -- TH 12/12
Presenters: Sue, Carol, Nagy, Don

Week 15. Term Paper Discussions, part II -- TH 12/19
Presenters: Leah, Neil, Tom, Menekse, Rashida, Stephanie

Term paper. Due by 10PM on Monday, 12/23.